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Insung information is an IT company that provides total solutions for network integration and industrial informatization since 1992. We develop and operate smart digital Health care Service that combines latest IT technology with medical service.

The healthcare business that we operate is divided into telemedicine (remote monitoring) and life medical device & beauty device business. Those two business segments are aimed at the entire domestic and overseas markets.

In Korea, we are progressing a clinical trial project with the Korean government and large hospitals. We are developing platforms to reduce the cost of clinical trials and enable remote medical devices to clinical trials. We are striving to establish reference for the telemedicine industry by establishing infrastructures and service models that are the basis for telemedicine and private health care. We have been actively participating in remote monitoring projects operated by the Korean government as pilot projects Since 2005.

In Overseas, We participate in the US Veterans Affairs Project and export telemedicine devices in USA which is the largest market in the field of telemedicine. Based on this experience, we have entered the health care market in the US, Europe and Asia and make rising profits and growing sales in overseas Health care market.

In the case of life-medical and beauty device, we continued to promote business opportunities, localize products, and globalize through B2B and B2C market. We are developing products to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign buyers. As a result, we are making efforts to increase sales by entering the markets of China, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East.


Hicare is a customized healthcare service, a life-long healthcare solution that provides healthcare services anywhere, anytime. We continually monitor your health to detect potential risks and provide customized healthcare services accordingly.

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