Home Care for Gestational Diabetes

Home Care for Gestational Diabetes

“Home Care for Gestational Diabetes”

– Insung and Catholic University Venture to commercialize an online diabetes management service
– Service available online from June 1

May 30, 2008, SEOUL

Good news for pregnant women – now an online diabetes management service is available. Using this service, pregnant women suffering from diabetes can access help from healthcare professionals at the comfort of their home, while managing glucose, diet, exercise, and weight.
Insung Information (www.insunginfo.co.kr), an IT and u-healthcare solutions provider, announced today that the company will provide online diabetes management service to pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes. The service will be available from June 1, through C&I HealthCare (www.cni-healthcare.com), a healthcare service provider and a joint firm established by Insung Information and Catholic Medical Center.
Gestational diabetes is symptoms of abnormal glucose metabolism presented in pregnant women. 40,000 women suffer from gestational diabetes every year. If left untreated, the disease can lead to serious health complications for the mother and the fetus.
Titled “Care-D Maternity,” the service will be primarily provided to patients who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes from Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital. Subscribers of the service can log on to the service site (www.cared.co.kr) to monitor basic readings (glucose, blood pressure, ketone, and weight) and record their diet and exercise, 3-4 times a day.
The healthcare professional team (physician, nurse, exercise therapist, nutritionist, and consultant/coordinator) at St. Mary’s will then receive the data and provide an immediate feedback via online, phone, and text messages with detailed and customized instructions. The data is also kept in the hospitals EMR database, to be used for doctor’s consultation when the patient visits the hospital.
The service will help the patient manage the symptoms throughout the pregnancy, by stabilizing glucose level and managing diet and exercise, leading to healthy and safe delivery, and ultimately maintain best health after giving birth.
Constant monitoring, diet and exercise, and weight control are crucial for diabetes patients, as well as periodic visits to the doctor. However, it is a challenging task to effectively manage a large number of patients with a management system centered with outpatient visits.
Care-D Maternity, Korea’s first u-healthcare service of its kind, presents an ideal solution for diabetes patients and healthcare providers alike.
Care-D Maternity is an internet-based service integrated with the hospital database, providing real-time access to hospital records (test results, medications, etc.) for patients and healthcare providers. Patients can use glucose meter to take readings and immediately submit the data to the server, allowing fast and effective management of diabetes.
Ms. Yoon-Hi Choi, CEO of C&I HealthCare, comments that “Care-D Maternity is an effective solution for gestational diabetes patients, who require constant and careful management. We are planning to expand the service coverage to other chronic symptoms including regular diabetes, hypertension, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and so on. I expect our u-healthcare solutions will help prevent and control these chronic diseases.”
Mr. Jong-Yoon Won, CEO of Insung Information, states that “commercialization of Care-D Maternity marks the beginning of Insung’s u-healthcare solution for individual patients. We will continue our effort in developing new u-healthcare solutions as the industry leader.”

Gestational diabetes is the symptoms of abnormal glucose metabolism caused by physiological changes during pregnancy. According to a recent study, 8.3% of pregnant women, or 40,000 patients every year, suffer from gestational diabetes. In other words, 8 out of every 100 pregnant women have gestational diabetes. Many women disregard the symptoms of gestational diabetes and do not seek for treatment, mistaking the disease as temporary symptoms that will disappear with the child birth. However, gestational diabetes is a disease that requires careful treatment and constant management, and failure to do so may lead to serious health complications both to the mother and the fetus.