Knowledge Economy Ministry awards IT convergence business officials

Knowledge Economy Ministry awards IT convergence business officials

[anchor] The convergence of IT and medical services is enabling people to easily check their health in the comforts of their own homes. Recently, officials who have contributed to developing the IT convergence technology were honored with awards from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Let’s take a look at the report.

[report] It is easier now to keep up with the treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure at home.

This healthcare device for domestic use measures blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which are sent via wireless networks to hospitals for monitoring and analyzing.

The data is also delivered through wireless on real-time to surgeons who are working at the hospital.

This is a new technology that was born thanks to the convergence of IT and medical services.

Thanks to the development of such convergence technology, the company won an award for IT convergence business officials, hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

[Interview – Kim Hong-jin, director / Insung Information Co.] “This technology is a combination of a medical sensor that can conduct medical examinations, and the technology that transmits and analyzes the data. So it is a model that integrated traditional medical devices with IT communications technology.”

The IT convergence business officials awards were established to boost the domestic convergence industry and help local companies advance into the global IT convergence market that has been seeing huge growth.

The Ministry of Knowledge Economy has annually selected a business official who made a substantial contribution to products and service innovation through IT convergence technology and awarded the person quarterly.

[sync – Choi Joong-kyung, Minister of Knowledge Economy] “Convergence is an issue of great significance and many new business areas are being developed through convergence. Recently, smart ship, smart shipbuilding are good examples.”

Minister Choi Joong-kyung highlighted that the convergence is the creative technology that is bringing us one step forward and the very path that South Korea should pursue.

Business officials said that long-term support is the most important factor so that the development of convergence technology can be sustained.
The Ministry of Knowledge Economy said that it will work towards long-term investment in convergence technology in preparation for the future and it will also make efforts in cultivating creative talents.