Hicare Update for Connecting with ECG Analyzer

Hicare Update for Connecting with ECG Analyzer

Hicare Update for Connecting with ECG Analyzer

Hicare update for connecting with ecg analyzer

We make Hicare Home Doctor works with ECG analyzer. The ECG analyzer made by Mediana, Korea and model name is YM303i. YM303i has the clinically proven interpretation program of diagnostic information with regard to rhythm, electrical axis, QRS morphological changes, conduction defects, hypertrophy characteristics, ST-T change, myocardial infarction, etc. You can review  features of ECG(YM303i) and how to use as follows.


  • Compact design and high performance
  • High quality and easy-to-use features
  • Simultaneous acquisition of up to 12 leads
  • Lead-Failure, Pacemaker pulse detection
  • Fast and advanced interpretation and analysis
  • Real-time continuous recording of 3,6 channels



  • Compact & light weight design allows advanced usability
  • Color TFT LCD (480X272dots)
  • Multi-Ianguage display
  • LCD preview of ECG signal, display of lead failure and signal noise
  • One-button operation for acquisition, analysis, storage and printing
  • 80mm width Z-fold and RolI type paper both useable
  • 100ECGs data storage in internal memory
  • Using the SD-Card, YM303i can store up to 5000 ECGs. ECGs can be edited, printed and transmitted
  • Rechargeable battery operation
  • Easy and fast firmware upgrade through USB memory stick

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How to Use

You can see ECG(YM303i) icon through measurement menu. Just click ECG icon.
ECG List

You can see the instructions for the ECG(YM303i) product.  You just need to follow the steps written inside.
Connecting ECG

As soon as you measured, the measurement reading are saved within device and at the same time the measurement readings are automatically transfered to the server. You can see your measurement result by graph mode.
ECG Graph

Also you can check more result by text mode.
ECG Result1ECG Result2