DeepSkin S

Ionic Skin Care System

DeepSkin S?

DeepSkin is Home Aesthetic Device using iontophoresis technology to transfer nutrient formula of facial mask sheet into skin cells more effectively. Deep Skin boosts general skin health from the inside out. It provides wrinkle and pigmentation improvement that you would hardly get from conventional sheet masks or skin care devices. please refer to the below for details DeepSkin Home Page : please refer to the below for details :

DeepSkin S Key Features


  • High permeation effect from iontophoresis principle
  • Direct penetration of activated functional nutrients into skin

Cost Efficient

  • High Level of professional anti-aging facial treatment at home
  • Less cost & Time

Safe & Reliable

  • Less skin irritation, no addiction or side effect
  • Holding clinical test, patents, various certificate

DeepSkin Specification

Model Name
DeepSkin S [HE-100S]
44g (without battery)
Product Size
65(w)mm X 65(D)mm X25(H)mmv
4.5V (AAA1.5V*3ea)
Operation Time
Maximum 30min / 5Minutes per step
Intensity Control
Level 1 – 10

DeepSkin Accessories

How to Use Deep Skin?