Hicare Network Model Hicare Single Model
Solution Type
Basic Type
Video support Type
  • Internet connection is essential
  • Supply server solution S/W for Health monitoring
    • Web site for doctor
    • Web site for patient
    • Web site for Admin
  • Supply basic Hicare PHR
  • Internet connection is essential
  • Supply HX-461
  • Support interface between HX-461 and Server
  • WAN interface (HL7 interface)
  • Internet connection is essential (Minimum bandwith : 2M)
  • Video conference service(based on IP)
  • Two kind of system
  • Hicare Home Doctor PC SW
  • Tandberg or others


Basic Type
Additional Type
  • Supply Monitoring SW operated in PC monitoring
  • Using cable between HX-461 and PC
  • Using cable between PC and Printer
  • Works with :
    • PC OS : Windows 7 or later
    • WebServer : IIS 7 or later
    • DB : SQL 2008 Express or later
    • Chart : MS Chart
  • Use the AP instead of direct cable
  • All function is same to Basic Type

 System Structure - Hicare Single Model