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Hicare Hub

Hicare Hub Total Telehealth Monitoring Solution  Hicare Hub is a new type of home healthcare device integrating with smart devices like phones and tablets that enables you to easily accumulate and manage various vital sign measurements while allowing you to remotely and effectively obtain advices and supports of medical practitioners.…

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Hicare home doctor

Hicare Home Doctor 24 Housrs, 365 days My Health Partners!    Hicare Home Doctor(model name: HX-461) is the first korean medical device that has activated interactive communication between an automatic electronic blood pressure meter and wireless medical devices through the external interface (wired/wireless communication, bluetooth, USB2.0) With a variety of…

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DeepSkin Ionic Skin Care System Home skin care system using Iontophoresis technology to inject/transfer nutrient formula of facial mask sheet into skin cells more effectively, allowing to conveniently meet such level of professional anti-aging facial treatment at home. Effective · High permeation effect from iontophoresis principle · Direct penetration of…

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Promotion This Month [HICARE NEWS] CIBE ASIA CHINA from 2017 September 3th to 5th.
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Advance Care Alliance's Urgent Care Program

  The Hicare is being used multiple group homes in New York that have patients with developmental disabilities like Down Syndrome, Autism and things like that. The group homes are managed by many agencies.