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Why choose Hicare RPM?
Hicare Remote Patient Monitoring is a system to remotely keep track of patients' health conditions between doctor’s visits by advanced Hicare RPM technology. All Hicare smart devices are free to Medicare patients and monitor their vitals for hypertension, diabetes, cancer, asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), and post-discharge care. Hicare provides patients with all the tools to successfully enroll in Hicare Remote Patient Monitoring including free FDA-approved devices, customer setup, training and support, and a state of the art of RPM platform.
Who can see my data?
Your Care Team will be monitoring your data periodically. Your data is saved in a secured, HIPAA-compliant health cloud hosted in the USA.
What happens to my data?
Your data is sent to your Care Team to verify how your health condition is progressing. Your Care Team will also receive alerts as soon as your vitals stray from predetermined ranges set by your physician and will contact you to adjust and intervene as required.
How do I sign up?
Talk to your physician today to learn more and enroll in the program. A Hicare staff member will set you up on the program, help you download the App, and walk you through the entire process of taking your vitals.
Can I opt out of the program?
You can opt-out of the program at any time after the initial mutual agreement and/or per the doctor's prescription. However, you will lose the benefits of the program such as easy management of your health condition and access to your care team. If you’re unhappy with your program, talk to your Care Team about your concerns and we’ll try to address them the best we can.
How long do I need to participate in the program?
It usually requires a minimum of 12 months (or a 1-year initial term) and it’s up to you and your doctor to decide what’s best for your health and how long you need to participate in the program once after the initial agreement.
What happens if the equipment is lost or damaged?
If you have lost or damaged equipment, please contact Hicare Care Team to arrange for a replacement. All equipment belongs to Hicare and must be returned once the agreement expires and must be returned to Hicare within 15 days of termination. Otherwise, patients will be liable for the payment of each and every equipment used during the RPM management with Hicare.
What kind of support can I expect if there are issues with the app and devices?
If you need support with your app or devices, please contact Hicare Customer Service Center at or call 855-844-8300 and Hicare will get back to you within 24 hours.
What benefits can I expect from participating?
Actively participating in an RPM program may improve your quality of life by proactively managing your health condition, reducing hospital visits, and minimizing personal costs such as travel and wait time, while giving you better access to your Care Team. Through secure 2-way HIPAA-compliant communications, you can reach your Care Team through text, photos, or video. Please note that 2-way secure messaging does not replace urgent care. If you need urgent care, please call 911.
How does Hicare RPM Works?

TRACK: Hicare RPM devices offer clinical-accuracy health monitors that provide an efficient way to record users’ health data such as blood pressure, weight, glucose level, oxygen saturation, and body temperature.

MANAGE: Hicare RPM Care Team offers customized and patient-centered care to patients to better manage users’ health conditions.

ENGAGE: Our users love Hicare RPM devices and platform which boast unrivaled adherence rates. By providing simple, actionable insights into one’s health, Hicare RPM encourages users to take control of their well-being.

How often do I need to test?
Your provider needs you to take readings according to your current care plan, generally daily or as frequently as possible.
What if I no longer want my device?
Your device has important benefits - it sends your health information to your doctor so they can monitor you remotely. If you no longer want to receive these benefits, please contact your doctor.
How do you ensure my information stays private?
Patient data must be on top security first. Hicare’s HIPAA-compliant platform keeps and protects patients’ data safely and securely.

Technical Support

I'm having trouble setting up my device
Your device is ready to use. All you need to do is to unpack the box and turn it on the devices. For more detail, refer to the Quick Start Guide enclosed in the “Welcome Package” If you are still having trouble getting started, you can contact Hicare Customer Service Center at 855-844-8300 or email If you do not reach a representative immediately, we will respond to you by the next business day.
I already have a device. Why did my doctor assign this device to me?
The device you currently use doesn’t transmit the readings back to your provider. These new devices will allow your provider to see your device readings in real-time in your care plan between visits, ultimately reducing the chances that your health deteriorates.
How do I order a device?
Hicare devices and services are provided to Medicare patients with at least one chronic condition. The devices must be recommended by your doctor and your doctor must obtain your consent for the service. The best way to get started is to tell your provider that you are interested in a RPM service. If your doctor is not yet participating in the Hicare RPM program, direct them to our website,
What will arrive with my device?
Your device will arrive fully configured and ready to use. You will receive a shipment that contains: your device(s), Hicare RPM flyer, and Quick Start Guide. Please contact Hicare Customer Service Center with any questions: 855-844-8300 or email
How much do your devices cost?
Patients typically have no out-of-pocket costs if they have no remaining deductible and no copay, or their copay is covered by a secondary plan. Otherwise, patients typically pay their standard office visit copay.
I live outside of the United States. Can I still get a device?
Hicare devices are only available to patients in the United States who are covered by Medicare and have at least one chronic condition. The services associated with Hicare devices only work within cellular networks inside the United States.
Can I buy a Hicare device out of pocket?
At this time, the Hicare devices are only available to patients through their participating Hicare provider. Patients must have at least one chronic condition and must consent to Hicare RPM service.
How long is the battery life of the device?
Your Hicare device will last several weeks or months before needing replacement batteries. Battery life varies by use, the cellular network, signal strength, and many other factors; actual results will vary. If you have any questions about your device or need new batteries once depleted, do not hesitate to contact the Hicare Customer Service Center at or 855-844-8300. We’re here to help.
Why does the blood pressure monitor report elevated readings or readings that are different from other blood pressure devices I’ve used before?
The Kit uses clinical-grade devices; readings may vary from devices you already have. This is normal. Be sure to take your readings at the same time every day and while at rest. The most common cause for elevated readings is an incorrectly sized blood pressure cuff. If you believe this is the cause or have other questions or concerns about your health kit, please contact Hicare Customer Service Center at or call 855-844-8300.
Why is my tablet not wirelessly connected to the other health kit equipment to record my vitals?
Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that connects different devices to each other. It is important to keep the devices in your kit within 20-30 feet of the tablet. If you have questions about how to use the devices, please contact Hicare Customer Service Center at or call 855-844-8300.

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RPM is a technology to enable the monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings, such as at home or in a remote area. with hicare, patients get hospital care at home conveniently and feel more valued. Hicare helps manage better outcomes for patients and create additional revenue for your practice.

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