What We DO

Our Connected Care Programs allow for numerous potential benefits for both your patients and your practice.

Increase patient satisfaction and patient outcomes through personalized patient care

Reduce readmissions, and hospitalizations by continuous patient monitoring

Improve quality of patient care with real-time patient monitoring

Create a new source of revenue streams with multiple billing codes

Who We Help

Hicare provides customizable solutions for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

With CMS reimbursement codes, your practice can enhance your clinical workflow and optimize your revenue while your patients achieve better outcomes

Hospitals and health systems can reduce readmissions and hospitalizations and improve patient satisfaction with Connected Care Management platforms and solutions.
Hicare improves patient outcomes and reduces clinical costs related to chronic disease management.
CMS has expanded the scope of RPM and CCM to reduce risk and provide additional accessibility for FQHCs and RHCs to give patients the care they need at home.

Why Choose Hicare

Hicare enables

better outcomes and healthier life for your patients


increased patient satisfaction and significant radditional revenue for you practice

Hicare provides your practice from start to finish. From identifying a candidate to creating a billing report for your practice, Hicare’s holistic approach to patient care allows you to tailor the most valuable and unique care plan possible to fit each patient’s individual needs.

To create a turnkey Connected Care Management, Hicare provides...

State-of-the-Art Software

Robust Patient Management

Clinically Proven Devices

Conditions Monitored

CMS has focused on the expansion of Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management programs to improve patient outcomes related to chronic disease. Some of common conditions where patients benefit from the programs and devices available are…

How It Works

Sign Up

Hicare provides seamless implementation including turnkey onboarding, technical support, and billing supports

Enroll Patients

Hicare platform identifies candidates through EHR integration and enrolls your patients for Hicare program

Ship Device/ Patient Education

Hicare devices will be delivered to patients' home and Hicare Care Team conducts a personalized education session with each patient.

Monitor Patient

Hicare Care Team monitors patients’ vital sign data in real-time and actively responds to the alerts if a patient’s readings enter a specified caution or critical range.

Get Reimbursed

Hicare provides billing reports every month for each patient and concise patient data for you to easily submit claims for reimbursement

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